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Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Toolbox – Finished

It has been a long time coming but I am finally posting photos of the finished toolbox that I started in April. I took a week long course at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking with the instructor Chris Gochnour. When I left at the end of the week I had a completed box that needed some finish scraping, hinges, handles, and a finish. I intended to get on it right away but as life would have it I soon became consumed with the day to day tasks and the toolbox started gathering dust in the shop. At the beginning of the cool weather here I realized that I needed to get this done so that I can start using it. The first hurdle was to mortise the lid stay into the box. This was a daunting task as it involved getting a router to rest on a 5/8″ edge and not tip or tilt and also not take off and tear out the box side. Most nerve-wracking on a piece that you have over 60 hours in. I attached a couple of supports on either side of the box providing a good sized base for the router to rest on and the task went smoothly. Once that was done I was home free as I had already mortised for the hinges and the handles were to be simply screwed to the side once the finish was on. I used Minwax Antique Oil finish and put on two heavy coats using steal wool on the second coat. I am waiting until the end of the month and I will try putting the buffing wheel to it to give it a nice shine. I still need to make the tills that fit inside but I figure I can do that as needed because with my limited shop space this might become a small blanket chest for one of the girls.

Cherry Toolbox

Stickley Interior

Here is the results of a recent trim project on an original Gustav Stickley plan home. Lee built the home in 2001 from original plans with some modifications. At the time the client could not complete the trim the way the plan showed. The wanscotting is quartersawn red oak with a cherryesque stain and the trim boards are poplar with the same stain. It was a great project and the owner is really pleased with how it all turned out – as we are too.